Favorite films

  • Mirror
  • Pather Panchali
  • Fallen Angels
  • Perfect Blue

Recent likes

  • Daisies
  • Valerie and Her Week of Wonders
  • House
  • 2046

Recent reviews

  • Daisies


    In a world where the bourgeoisie has almost all control over everything, where war is constantly happening, where the vast majority are left to suffer, the protagonists decide to be spoiled to make their way into this world. By inverting the idea of the biblical notion of sin, these characters step out of their natural state of subservience and externally, they witness the alienation of living in a patriarchal bourgeois world, the lack of control in it and the feeling…

  • Persona


    I love how this movie could easily be an abstraction about an actor trying to absorb and project the persona of a character, and the emotional struggle that comes wih it. It could be a commentary on the nature of psychoanalysis and how it exhibits and intrudes the persona. It could be a commentary on power imbalance, dialectical motion of some abstract notion, sexuality and social order, an anti odepian struggle as a natural response to the catastrophe that modernity…