In a world where the bourgeoisie has almost all control over everything, where war is constantly happening, where the vast majority are left to suffer, the protagonists decide to be spoiled to make their way into this world. By inverting the idea of the biblical notion of sin, these characters step out of their natural state of subservience and externally, they witness the alienation of living in a patriarchal bourgeois world, the lack of control in it and the feeling of being reduced to cogs in a machine. All this leaving them on their own, compelling them to be spoiled, exploit wealthy old men and be intimidated by bourgeois women. Their inner dynamics is even more interesting. Like the two arms of a cog that keeps it pepetually in place, in motion, yet never really moving is how our beloved characters interact. Their identity has been reductively enforced on them, and they are disabled to make any real change in a world that is so large, depressing and alienating. The only value they derive from their actions is to drag each other down, to be spoiled, to inhibit each other's capacity to grow beyond this pathalogical envy. The hysteria and happiness that belongs to the category of slaves is the basis for this entire movie. The vibrant stills, beautiul costumes, the use of colors and the experimental editing techniques are al indicative of this state of perpetual hysteria of living in this world.