The Dead Don't Die

The Dead Don't Die ★★★½

Jim Jarmusch's small town zombie flick that mostly follows a pair of local law enforcement officers in the form of Bill Murray and Adam Driver.
Like a lot of Jarmusch's films, it takes its time and there are heaps of slice of life moments where people are just having deadpan conversations served with a dollop of dry humour.

Apart from our two leads, it switches between Steve Buscemi, Danny Glover, Caleb Landry Jones and the always amazing Tilda Swinton. I found all of their quirky characters captivating and had no trouble watching them eat up the screen time. Everyone else (institute kids, hairy forest man) I could have done without, but they didn't occupy as much real estate, so all good.

Jim beats us to death with his polar fracking message as a means of kick starting the whole zombie apocalypse. Honestly, ain't the worst idea!
And this one begins at the cusp of the outbreak, which is something enjoy seeing, as everyone is forced to naturally react to what's going on without being able to plan ahead. And in typical Jarmusch fashion; everyone acts more bemused than full freak out shocked.

Buscemi as the disgruntled farmer was a laugh and Caleb as the general store film nerd was a nice touch. Plus we get Scottish mortician Tilda, calmly slicing up zombies with such grace; something I easily could have used more of!
Speaking of which, I loved how calm everyone was; compared to the yelling and screaming we get in standard horror fare. Plus they're all aware of what zombies are, so aren't super clueless once they show up.

I can see why this wasn't for everyone, but I enjoyed it a little more than I thought I would. Probably hard to recommend though.

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