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The Sci-Fi Agenda

Mirror of the thinking person’s guide to science fiction cinema at The Sci-Fi Agenda.

  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

    1.Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


    Former lovers restart their relationship in reverse after mutual memory erase through shady brain firm.

  • Moon



    Sam Rockwell battles severe loneliness and weak communications during solo mining mission on the Moon.

  • Coherence



    Leaps of labyrinthine logic when already awkward dinner party enters entangled quantum state due to passing comet.

  • Her



    Semi-depressed personal-card-as-a-service hipster Joaquin Phoenix falls in love with operating system entity.

  • Ex Machina

    5.Ex Machina


    Gifted engineer invited by wealthy wizard executive to Turing test humanoid AI at forest tech monastery.

  • District 9

    6.District 9


    Bureaucrat assigned relocation of alien outcasts from Johannesburg ghetto in smart xenophobia allegory.

  • Donnie Darko

    7.Donnie Darko


    Troubled teenager faces fate and flying jet engines and converses apocalyptic rabbit on the philosophy of time travel.

  • Upstream Color

    8.Upstream Color


    Strange substance travels through larvae, orchids, pigs and people in poetic weave by the director of Primer.

  • Primer



    Breakdown of spacetime and personal relations after serendipitous revelation in one of the most mind-bending movies ever.

  • Predestination



    Ethan Hawke as bartending time traveler setting lives in motion while on final duty to track down elusive bomber.

  • Gattaca



    Natural born swimmer assumes stealth genotype in hope of going to space in brave new world of eugenics.

  • Europa Report

    12.Europa Report


    Intimate space ship interiors from found footage of manned mission to Jupiter’s moons in search for extra-terrestrial life.

  • Melancholia



    Spectacular cinematography of worn out Kirsten Dunst with doubts during own wedding as looming rogue planet nears Earth.

  • Timecrimes



    Peeping tom becomes own pawn when trapped in cycle of events at high-tech skunkworks lab up the hill.

  • Under the Skin

    15.Under the Skin


    Clever usage of hidden cameras as humanly disguised alien seductress picks up men around streets of Scotland.

  • Spring



    Young American adrift in southern Italy ends up in primordial romance with secretive lady of fine lineage.

  • Open Your Eyes

    17.Open Your Eyes


    Young man car-crashed into facial disfigurement by manic ex-lover ends up in dreamlike state of altered reality in levels.

  • Last Night

    18.Last Night


    Widower’s solitude interrupted by woman looking for lost suicide pact partner during Earth’s last few hours.

  • ANYA



    Newlyweds in fertility trouble seek aid of enthusiastic geneticist to solve DNA-driven bloodline mystery.

  • The Congress

    20.The Congress


    Multi-level metafilm/acid trip on society’s escalation of escapism, based on “The Futurological Congress” by Stanisław Lem.

  • Advantageous



    Single mother in a future of super-children and rapidly diminishing job count explores the prospects of body sacrifice.

  • Evolution



    Boys become experiment in wake of unknown sickness in strange seaside village inhabited solely by women.

  • Videodrome



    One man’s gory pursuit of mastermind behind sensational snuff broadcast that turns out to be neurolinguistic programming.

  • The Sticky Fingers of Time

    24.The Sticky Fingers of Time


    Pulp author covering hydrogen bomb test in the 1950’s gains time travel capabilities and meets present day spawn.

  • Frequencies



    Metaphysical love story and fate versus free will struggle in class society determined by frequencies.

  • Another Earth

    26.Another Earth


    Astronomer distracted by duplicate Earth encounter causes tragedy and misses MIT in favor of cleaning up aftermath.

  • Embers



    Newfound lovers/strangers in desolation wander about on amnesic repeat caused by mysterious global disease.

  • Splice



    Biohacker couple of ambiguous moral fiber in sudden parenthood when illicit gene splicing pet project goes awry.

  • Sound of My Voice

    29.Sound of My Voice


    Covert documentary maker couple infiltrate seclusive sect surrounding charismatic leader claiming to be from the future.

  • Cold Souls

    30.Cold Souls


    Captured spirits and soul-searching in Saint Petersburg as Paul Giamatti plays himself on the verge of total theatrical uninspiration.

  • eXistenZ



    Biotech body horror in a future of increasingly immersive virtual reality where gamers versus realists battle it out.

  • Starship Troopers

    32.Starship Troopers


    Teens sent to wage interstellar war on arachnids in subtle and not-so-subtle satire on fascism and propaganda.

  • Strange Days

    33.Strange Days


    Ex-cop uncovers plot around hard currency of illegal cortex recordings in unrestful Los Angeles at turn of the millennium.

  • I Origins

    34.I Origins


    Eye scientist on crusade against creationism stumbles upon deep discovery and meets mysterious love interest.

  • The Man from Earth

    35.The Man from Earth


    Professor claims to be ancient at impromptu farewell gathering with cross-disciplinary group of colleagues and disciples.

  • Stranded



    Vastly underrated down-to-earth exploration of Mars after pioneer crew crash-lands in crater on limited life support.

  • Extracted



    Scientist trips down unreliable memory lane of alleged murderer through mind extraction machinery of own invention.

  • Travelling Salesman

    38.Travelling Salesman


    Mathematicians make computational complexity breakthrough in π-fi chamber play on the ethics of scientific progress.

  • The Quiet Hour

    39.The Quiet Hour


    Strong sister and blind brother keep up and out in expertly scored story of survival after alien invasion.

  • Limitless



    Struggling author rids writer’s block with pilot nootropics and advances into finance while watched by the wrong people.

  • Never Let Me Go

    41.Never Let Me Go


    Trio coming of age at strangely isolated boarding school in alternate history where life extension happened.

  • A Scanner Darkly

    42.A Scanner Darkly


    Shapeshifting surveillance agent in undercover drug lord operation becomes addicted to Substance D in Philip K. Dick story.

  • H.



    Fleeting fragments from two Helens of Troy at odds with loss in modern mythology of meteors and motherhood.

  • The Quiet Earth

    44.The Quiet Earth


    Energy science lab rat tries to trump despair and seek explanations after awakening to a world devoid of people.

  • Little Joe

    45.Little Joe


    Triffid throwback in plant-based pastel on the symbiotic merits and morals of genetically modified organisms.

  • Robot Stories

    46.Robot Stories


    Makers and machine love in four-part anthology on the limits and possibilities of human-robot interaction.

  • Cube



    Rational thinking under stress when group of strangers wake up in never-ending cubic deathtrap rigged with math.

  • Sleep Dealer

    48.Sleep Dealer


    Drone strike surviving village teen hacker meets memory author in Tijuana when looking for fortune in telerobotics.

  • Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

    49.Seeking a Friend for the End of the World


    Collapsing and newfound relations in apocalyptic road movie about earth on the brink of destruction due to asteroid Matilda.

  • Uncanny



    Ex-engineer science writer spends week at solitary lab for interviews with prodigal inventor and the AI creation Adam.

  • Vanishing Waves

    51.Vanishing Waves


    Surreal erotic encounters as one conscious test subject travels mind of comatose other under not-so-controlled conditions.

  • Self/less



    Prosperous property developer attempts escape from elderness through supposedly safe mind uploading to younger body.