Jurassic Park III ★★★

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So, I can`t say that I don`t love Jurassic Park III, because I do – it is an extremely fun movie – but this is bittersweet to some extent.

As a movie in the Jurassic Park series it is somewhat subpar in terms of effects and overall story – a couple of shots of the dinosaurs look really cheap and indeed I have always nicknamed this the one with the rubber suit dinosaurs as that’s the way that it seems at times – the care and attention to detail present in the previous two movies with respect to the special effects just doesn`t seem to have been present in this entry.

In fact I would say that nearly all, if not all, the dinosaur action that we see is a little off – and by that, what I mean is that they don`t actually do very much bar wobble a bit and shake their heads – they very rarely move – the action shots only really show a big foot coming down or a claw ripping into something – most of the action is actually just simply implied in this sense – and this is very noticeable throughout.

But this movie chooses to move away from the T-Rex and Velociraptor antagonists featured so heavily in the previous movies, instead featuring a Spinosaurus as the main carnivorous people eater and this movie features something teased ever since the ending of the original Jurassic park, Pteranodons – flying dinosaurs – and that ain’t half bad!

The film does dare to be different and for that you have to give it credit – for the most part it rehashes the only real plot a film like this can have – people running from dinosaurs – but at least we have some new dinosaurs to drool over!

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