Jurassic Park ★★★★★

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So this film pretty much defined a generation and redefined what we came to expect from our summer blockbusters – it was a creature feature like nothing that had been seen before in terms of scale, special effects and attention to detail not only with the creatures themselves but also to some expertly crafted story-telling, the characters, and just simply the owe inspiring scenes that literally fill this movie from start to finish.

The hype around this movie when it was first released was also something like I had never seen before –you couldn`t turn a corner without seeing promotional material for the film or bump into somebody without coming around to the movie as the topic of discussion – it was simply ever where.

Thankfully it more than paid off and unlike other films that have been pushed to the brink of completely saturating the market – this movie more than lived up to it!

A simply superb film with some excellent cinematography and a soundtrack to match.

...And not forgetting one simply awesome finale sequence and one truly iconic parting shot of the formidable T-Rex that I will never forget!!

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