The Lost World: Jurassic Park ★★★½

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Following on from the success of the first movie in the series the fans demanded more Dinosaurs – and more Dinosaurs is what we got! – although, yet again, the bulk of the action revolves around the two showstealers from the original, the velociraptors (but to a much lesser extent this time around) and the T-Rex, which in The Lost World gets a lot more screen time and a bigger piece of the pie – in fact there’s a whole family of T-Rex`s to attack our screens this time around!!

The thing is for me – this film is certainly entertaining, absolutely, but in the shadow of the original any sequel was going to be a tall order to live up to the owe and spectacle that had preceded it – and for me, it just has that rushed – here’s a sequel for a sequels sake feel and in places… feels lesser quality than its predecessor.

Overall, yeah, it is a great film, OK so not quite as much as its predecessor, perhaps not as ground breaking, but full of action and some great suspenseful moments – once it warms up and the dino action starts!!

In this instance you are actually rooting for the dinosaurs to give as much as they get and for the poachers to get their just deserts……..

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