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  • China 9, Liberty 37

    China 9, Liberty 37


    I liked the scenes where the three of them getting to know each other and it has some good no nonsense scope compositions but the middle section through to the last shoot out was pretty bad. Also the music department should be shot, one of the worst film scores I've ever heard.

  • Pennies from Heaven

    Pennies from Heaven


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I love this movie but it is kind of funny that Martin followed up the goofy and lovable The Jerk with this, where he plays an emotionally callous creep who gets executed for a murder he didn't commit, and didn't foresee audiences reacting negatively. However, using a blank check from the studio to burn as much money as you can on a passion project is the noblest cause you can serve in American film making, so I thank him for his hubris.

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