Last Night in Soho

Last Night in Soho ★★★★

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Edgar Wright's latest hit (and his first horror) is his most stylish film so far, with mesmerisingly beautiful cinematography and production design transporting the audience back to London in the swinging sixties.

As expected, the writing is impeccable, with Wright's signature foreshadowing and exploration of big, juicy themes giving great depth to the film's otherwise simple - but still original - concept. The cast are all fantastic, with Thomasin McKenzie really coming into her own as a leading actress. Supporting players like Terence Stamp and the late, great Diana Rigg (to whom the film is dedicated) truly knock it out of the park.

Anya Taylor-Joy is radiant and plays her role well, but I do wish we got a couple more scenes where she got to really show off her acting chops. However, she does get to sing and her voice is all over the incredible sound design. Of course I also have to mention the soundtrack which is unsurprisingly full of bangers.

Aside from a couple of issues I had with the third act, Last Night in Soho is a worthy addition to Edgar Wright's squeaky clean filmography and is a joy to behold.

Try to go in as blind as possible!

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