Stalker ★★★★½


It's impossible to interpret or appreciate this film after a single viewing, so I honestly don't know how to rate this film. I confess that movies that are made to be interpreted or read are not usually my cup to tea, but I can often appreciate their genius. It may well be a masterpiece, but I barely have a clue what anything means and I would be lying if I told you that I loved everything that I saw. However, Stalker is very much an important and influential film regardless of my obliviousness, and for the most part I liked the film.

For the time being until I can rewatch and research a little I can only say that it is visually striking and Tarkovsky's camera work is masterful, and there are some very interesting concepts and themes at work that I'm sure make this film endlessly intriguing. It took a solid ninety minutes for me to be sold, but when Tarkovsky finally won me over with his philosophical sci-fi journey I understood why people love this so much, and the last forty minutes especially are incredible.