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  • The Deadly Mantis

    The Deadly Mantis


    Fun monster fest. Lots of cold war paranoia and giant bugs. Very 50's.

  • Extraction



    Every action cliche in the book and not much of a plot but some really good brutal fights. If that's your bag, it's worth a look.

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  • One Cut of the Dead

    One Cut of the Dead


    What a wonderful film. So many layers and camera work and performances that gets better as you watch. Can't say much more without ruining it. Just watch it.

  • Get My Gun

    Get My Gun


    Has a lovely set up t the start that makes you wonder what is going on. Then it goes back and tells you. It plays out very well until maybe the last 15 minutes and then some really questionable (and physically unbelievable) choices get made and a glaring plot point is left unresolved so you have a hard time seeing how it dovetails into the opening scenes. Hard to rate this one because I did enjoy the performances and the dialogue but it left me scratching my head more than entertained.