Your Name.

Your Name. ★★★★★

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Makoto Shinkai's animated feature Your Name is simply one of the most magical and captivating films last year had to offer and I was just left speechless once the credits started rolling. It's funny, heartwarming and sometimes it had me close to tears and the whole experience just felt so profound to me.

Your Name is the story of two different characters, a young girl named Mitsuha who is a high school student who lives in a rural town. Her father is the mayor and spends little to no time with her, she lives with her grandmother and little sister, she hates her customs and traditions and wishes to live the busy Tokyo lifestyle. The other is a young man named Taki who is a male high school student who lives in Tokyo who has a part time job working in an Italian restaurant and is interested in fine arts. They both believe they have mysterious dreams where they live out each others livelihood only to find out they actually happened and the story is about what binds them together and how they get to know each other, by living each others lives.

I'll be honest, I had a few premonitions about what the story was about when I heard about the plot of this movie and those completely went out the window very quickly. It is a complex story without ever feeling convoluted or forced and I think what makes this movie such a wonderful engaging experience for me is the characters. I connected so much with the characters in this movie because the writing for them just made them feel like real people to me and it was engaging from start to finish because I found myself so attached to them. It's perfectly paced and the dialogue is just so riveting throughout.

Even by the standards of modern anime films, the animation is just breathtaking and stunningly detailed. The reflections look perfect and the lighting just looks so realistic and lifelike it is just astonishing. Your Name is simply a beautiful film in every way and it's one of those films where I just never wanted it to end! I absolutely loved it and it is one of the best films of 2016 in my opinion :)

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