Batman ★★★½

Back in 1989, superhero films were not taken seriously, especially after the collapse of the once fantastic Superman movies. All that began to change when Tim Burton rocked our butts off with a cool, dark, and gothic Batman.

I'll take any chance to revisit the crazy world of the Burton/Schumacher era of the dark knight, maybe it's nostalgia but I genuinely feel they are all good movies ... and yes, I actually do find a lot to enjoy in Batman Forever and Batman & Robin.

Keaton and Nicholson do great as as the hero and villain respectively. One of my major complaints with this film is that this feels more like it's about Joker then it is about Batman, but it also makes the moments where you do see the titular character more memorable. Basinger is a great Vicki Vale and almost overshadows Keaton's Bruce Wayne when they're together in a scene.

While this movie is classic and legendary in its own right, there's something about it that just makes me unable to give it 4 stars and I don't know what it is.

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