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  • Haunted Gold

    Haunted Gold


    The meshing of the horror genre and the western come together in this "John Wayne" cheapie, making it feel like an episode of "Scooby Doo". And, believe it or not, it works. This is one of the better low-end westerns of "Duke".

    John Mason (John Wayne) and his sidekick Clarence (Blue Washington) are summoned to a ghost town where John is to claim half of a gold mine that was once his father's. Strange doings then become the norm. Is…

  • Belle Starr

    Belle Starr


    If you're looking for a rousing, gritty, gripping story about the infamous female bandit "Belle Starr" then keep looking. That's not what you are going to get here.

    What you will find is a love triangle. It's the North vs. the South in the love for Belle (Gene Tierney). And the men representing each side are my kind of guys. Randolph Scott is the "South" and Dana Andrews is the "North". Yes, this is another Gene and Dana pic.


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  • Park Row

    Park Row


    Samuel Fuller's valentine to his past life and love: the newspaper business.

    Idealistic journalist Phineas Mitchell (Gene Evans) dreams of a newspaper that sticks to honest reporting about people and events. Thanks to an admiring publisher and his commiserating newspaper friends, he is given the chance of a lifetime: editor of his own newspaper, "The Globe". What ensues is a newspaper war between he and the big paper on Park Row, "The Star".

    Very early on, you get the idea…

  • Horizons West

    Horizons West


    Robert Ryan in a Budd Boetticher western, it has to be good. Well... it's all right.

    Confederate soldiers Dan Hammond (Robert Ryan), his brother Neil (Rock Hudson), and friend "Tiny" (James Arness) return to their home town of Austin after the Civil War. Neil and Tiny are happy to be returning to the simple things in life. Dan is thinking bigger. Much bigger. Now how does one go about making it big? Hmmmm...

    Boetticher takes elements of film noir (returning…