Haunted Gold ★★

The meshing of the horror genre and the western come together in this "John Wayne" cheapie, making it feel like an episode of "Scooby Doo". And, believe it or not, it works. This is one of the better low-end westerns of "Duke".

John Mason (John Wayne) and his sidekick Clarence (Blue Washington) are summoned to a ghost town where John is to claim half of a gold mine that was once his father's. Strange doings then become the norm. Is the town really haunted or is there something afoot? I'll give you two Scooby snacks if you go down those steps in the floor!

There are more haunts in the film than action, which isn't the norm for these kind John Wayne westerns. I liked the change. There is an "oh, by the way, you madly love this girl" love story. But it doesn't get in the way. There's also Wayne's horse "Duke". The horsey is second-billed!

With the good comes some bad in this film. Clarence is African-American, so the obligatory "scared black man" routine is in full effect. Hey, I like Shaggy and I also like Clarence in this flick.

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