• Thirteen Lives

    Thirteen Lives


    I need the Viggo/Collin duo more often.

  • Puss in Boots: The Last Wish

    Puss in Boots: The Last Wish


    1 star for the dual scythe wielding death wolf
    1 star for the awesome kinetic animation style
    1 star for everyone to try and wish on

    I probably hyped myself up too much for this.

  • Paper Moon

    Paper Moon


    The O'Neal daddy/daughter duo is so enjoyable to watch. You can tell their real life chemistry fueled a lot of their on screen banter.

  • District 9

    District 9


    I do love a good mockumentary. And this is a very good mockumentary. I'm impressed with how the visuals hold up after 14 years. Leave it to Peter Jackson and Weta Workshop, I guess.

  • Pumping Iron

    Pumping Iron


    Arnold: You gotta yell when you pose.
    Also Arnold: You're too loud. It's like a church in here.

    Man likes mind games.

  • Return of the Jedi

    Return of the Jedi


    This was my first time seeing a film from the original trilogy on the big screen. And what I really want to say is that Harrison Ford as Han Solo.

  • Always Be My Maybe

    Always Be My Maybe


    Someone explain to me how the song "I Punched Keanu Reeves" isn't in the top 100.

  • Princess Mononoke

    Princess Mononoke


    My favorite Ghibli film so far. Way more engaging and intense than I expected. The whole industry vs nature aspect resonated a lot for me because it reminded me of other things I love like The Two Towers, Avatar and Breath of the Wild.

  • No Country for Old Men

    No Country for Old Men


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    "It's a [masterpiece], ain't it, Sheriff?"
    "If it ain't, it'll do till the [masterpiece] gets here."

    I love a good west Texan vernacular and there is such good dialogue throughout this film. Plus you have Roger Deakins just being Roger Deakins which makes this movie so enjoyable to look at.

    The ending subverted my expectations in a good way. Was there be a tidy, satisfying resolution? No. Some big show down between the antagonist and protagonist? No. An overcoming…

  • Interstellar



    Transcendent. On all counts.

    What stood out to me rewatching on blu-ray was the aspect ratio switching from earth scenes (standard widescreen) to space scenes (IMAX fullscreen).

  • Man on a Ledge

    Man on a Ledge


    If you asked chatGPT to come up with some ideas to include in a good suspense/heist/action screenplay, it'd probably churn out a long list of cliche tropes that are all in this movie.

    But everyone needs a fun, harnless popcorn movie every once in a while.

  • Air



    Me during the film: I can't wait until the end when I can read all the wrap-up supers of the Air Jordan stats.

    Me after the film: yeah I coulda just googled all that