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  • Escape in the Fog

    Escape in the Fog

    Put this on forgetting I've already seen it. Remembered it pretty quickly, and now, looking back on my old review, surprised I didn't think more of it then. It's not outstanding, but it's weird and surreal in all the ways I tend to love with noir. Even once it seems to start getting explicable, inexplicable things keep occurring, and the dream never seems to entirely end.

  • Address Unknown

    Address Unknown

    Two German immigrants live happily in San Francisco, selling European art to the American upper class, when one of them decides to movie back to Germany. Turns out, this doesn't take place in 1944, but actually sometime in the early 1930s. So the guy who moves back gets slowly sucked into the Nazi machine and culture as a means of maintaining his social and monetary status in society, until eventually his callous decisions to sell out his friends as he…

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  • La Flor

    La Flor

    Still wrapping my head around it critically, but I want to answer some non-spoilery questions that I myself had going into it.

    God no. It is pointedly - as in, specified within the film itself - designed to be watched on three separate days, in three separate parts. Episode 1 and 2 the first day, Episode 3 the second, and Episodes 4-6 the third. You could make a case that it works…

  • Under the Silver Lake

    Under the Silver Lake

    First, the bad - David Robert Mitchell not listen to his own music or something? Gotta crib exclusively from other movies like this one? Poor form.

    Second, an admission - almost every element of this movie is completely in my wheelhouse; an awful version of this would still be at least halfway appealing.

    Third, a conclusion - I was all about this thing from the jump. It picks away at the way young men in this town chase women, fame,…