The Death & Life of John F. Donovan ★★★★½


The first hour of this film is just masterful, I was in awe at the way the life of John F. Donovan was unfolding itself on the screen. Family dinners, red carpet events, dates, in every scene, Kit Harington nailed it, I always enjoyed him on Game of Thrones, but is with such an empathetic director as Dolan that he shines the brightest. John F. Donovan is part James Dean, part Heath Ledger, he is the american dream, and whatever lies behind that that. Ludicrous needle drops and all that, I loved every second of it.

Then the second hour hits, and the film goes even deeper on what it wants to be. And you know what, I was here for that. Melodramatic? You bet your ass. Emotionally manipulative? Consider me fooled by that. The negative reviews surrounding this film are really annoying, it's almost like all of the critics were expecting Xavier Dolan to stop being himself, and make something that was just insincere and unlike him. You are taking the most honest queer voice in filmmaking, and asking him to shut the fuck up. That is honestly fucked up.

And I see people out there outrageously claiming everyone is at their career worst, how can you fucking say that? Kit Harington, Jacob Tremblay and Natalie Portman are all sensational, especially Tremblay, who tugs at the heart strings during most of the film's runtime.

P. S. Xavier Dolan got Michael Gambon to say "are you ready for the next great adventure" just before John F. Donovan's death. I see you, Xavier, I see you.

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