Nobody ★★★★

A high-octane thrill of a ride.

"Action-packed" is an understatement. The fast pacing along with the use of music complements with one another, which makes the beats feel fluid and exciting.

Some issues with this film is centering on the main character more, instead of him relating with the bigger world he's in. There's mystery to his backstory and why he's placed in this current situation, but we're a bit left with thinking about what's missing. I think the characters surrounding the main character are sorta left out. Which makes you question the bigger world at times.

But the action sequences and the shots are the film's strong suit. Its stylized beats make this exciting. Again, "exciting" is also an understatement.

Remnants of John Wick are in this and there can be quite a comparison. But Bob Odendirk's performance and character stands out as different.