Tenet ★★★½

"This is the end of a beautiful friendship."

This ambitious film from Christopher Nolan kicks into full gear with a story structure that plays around with its unique use of flashbacks and flash forwards. 

The film did try to tie up loose ends, putting different perspectives in a particular scenario. Everything feels connected and contained. But the film does get into exposition territory and it definitely is repetitive. 

The sound design is the weakest aspect of the film. Though I didn't get to experience this in theaters, without subtitles, it can get messy. Nolan really doesn't care about our ears. 

Jokes aside, the score is pretty good. It does feel powerful with a roaring sound that adds so much impact to a particular scene. Mainly, the action sequences.

The constant change in aspect ratios hurt the film's transitions. But after all, this is a Nolan film, right? 

Can't wait to watch this again.

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