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  • Smaller and Smaller Circles

    Smaller and Smaller Circles


    Haven't read the book but I was eager to see this.

    Nonie and Sid, two great actors, and the highlight of the film. I love their performances. Though, the dialogue can be pretentious at times, I really think the dialogue doesn't fit their characters. But I guess it's just a minor gripe.

    This gave me Se7en vibes. I love some aspects. However, the film is lacking. There are moments when there could've been more to it. It felt like breadcrumbs…

  • TOTO



    I want a robot who makes me spaghetti.

    I love the score and the wholesomeness of the story. True, it may be sad bc of what turned out in the end. Still cute to see Rosa and Toto get along together. Prolly the good aspect in this short.

  • Marooned



    Cute little short.

    Kinda sad though but satisfying.

  • Bilby



    The wild is fucking scary.

    I love the montage and overall animation. This is a pretty good Dreamworks animation.

  • Passenger



    Wow. What a clever and creative VR short film.

    Love the stop motion effects and overall concept. 

    Story's a bit lacking though but it's just a minor gripe.

  • The Little Girl and Her Cat

    The Little Girl and Her Cat


    Cute cat.

  • The Wave

    The Wave


    Just. A wave.

  • Brain Dead

    Brain Dead


    This looks like a wrestler's titantron video.

  • A Computer Animated Hand

    A Computer Animated Hand


    The world's first computer-generated 3D animation?

    Well, it was stellar at the time. It all started from this one.

  • Monsoon




    I love the use of the guitar in the background as the Skype video is seen on screen. Really is moving after experiencing something horrifying.

  • Rolling



    The writing's good.

    Like, literally the writing you see on screen.

  • Mobile Men

    Mobile Men


    I dream of shooting a pick up truck scene.

    The authentic and human flaws are shown. Individuality is in all of us and that makes us different from one another. We shouldn't be dictated by what we perceive in media and just be yourself.