A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place ★★★★

now this is a movie to remember.

A Quiet Place is an attention-grabbing film that revolves around one question that i’ve always been slightly obsessed with: what lengths would you go to for the sake of your family’s safety? john krasinski’s character gives a very clear (and emotional) answer to that question. i love when thrillers work in delicate, heartbreaking scenes and this film does it perfectly. the movie stays consistent in this by keeping the emotional and scary bits on the same level the whole time. not one aspect manages to outweigh the other, one second im tearing up the next i was jumping out of my skin. the intensity of the movie is also never lost, i stayed on the edge of my seat the whole time. 

i have to show some praise for ms. charlotte bruus christensen (DP). a very important piece to getting a great scary movie is visuals and i really dig the cinematography choices that were made, amazing DP they had on the team. all around wonderful performances from every member of the cast, those kids blew me away and of course emily and john were excellent, no surprise there. as this is one of john’s most ambitious moments in the industry, let me say that i am so incredibly proud of him. i know he put so much into this film and i hope he knows how amazing and special it is.