Rock 'n' Roll High School

Rock 'n' Roll High School ★★★★½

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Mrs. Face and I were determined to spend the final minutes of 2021 on something we both enjoy, so a little after 10 p.m. on New Year's Eve, we dug out our unwatched Rock 'n' Roll High School Blu-ray. Thus, we said goodbye to a disappointing year with such surefire happy sights as a shag carpeted van for the ages, P.J. Soles in pink cheetah print with a side ponytail and Paul Bartel gyrating like a maniac in a Ramones ringer T, not to mention the Ramones themselves. My better half and I once determined that we both saw them for the first time at the exact same Chicago show (well, just Joey and Johnny by that time), and even though we didn't meet each other until a decade later, we think of it as a sort of early romantic bond. That makes every viewing of Allan Arkush's eternal ode to youthful rebellion and the original leather jacket pop-punks just a little warmer than it would already be.

For my taste, this is nearly a perfect movie, barring a couple of off-color gags that have aged poorly, and if that Rock-O-Meter scale is trying to claim the Stones rocked the '70s harder than Zeppelin did, it cannot be trusted. Also, I watched all the Shout! disc's bonus stuff a few days later and was nearly knocked off the couch by the revelation that they originally wanted Eddie Deezen to play Eaglebauer. I mean, I love Clint Howard and all, but, GODDAMN!

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