Look Who's Toxic

Look Who's Toxic

I talked about this on The ScreamCast, and I figured I’d put my notes on it here! Sorry!

-  It’s 1990. “Give A Hoot, Don’t Pollute” is on the lips of every god-fearing American, and it shows in the box office. From the dedicated waste removal specialists in MEN AT WORK to Kathy Bates taking out the trash talk in MISERY to Frank Henelotter owning the cinematic landscape with the one-two punch of FRANKENHOOKER and BASKET CASE 2, society was ripe one film: LOOK WHO’S TOXIC.

From Louis Mathew, who directed and conematographer’d, and has no other credits.
Written by Alan Stewart of GHOST WARRIORS and DEMON WARRIOR fame, and they show characters watching both movies in this. 

- LOOK WHO’S TALKING walked so BIRDEMIC could fly

- Slight THE SUCKLING vibes before it backs way off from that.

- comedy level is a surgeon lighting up in a hospital in from of a no smoking sign and then holding on that hot for 10 seconds 
- $1 million to get a heart within 24 hours 
- McRib cage
- Media hating capitalist villain paying off the cops
- The Toxic Avenger, but more granola than junk food
- Flute playing henchmen 
- Tacked on satanic panic-y ending 
- Narrated by the guy who voiced LBJ in Forrest Gump and JFK= class