Thor: Love and Thunder

Thor: Love and Thunder ★★

I’d been warned that this wasn’t good, and possibly the worst of the MCU films. It isn’t good, that’s true, but not Eternals Bad or Captain Marvel Bad. Its closest counterpart feels like it might be within its own sub-canon: The Dark World. Kernels of an interesting story rendered mostly meaningless by a script that spends far too much time on gags that just aren’t funny, quips that were boring 20 movies ago, and barely memorable action sequences. In this regard, it’s your standard MCU movie. 

- A waste of Bale and Crowe, but no reason they shouldn’t get the bag when every other actor of note was lining up for their MCU payout.
- The Thor-Jane love saga has been a stinker from the first film. Unremarkable, and just keeps going.
- Fun to see Matt Damon and Sam Neill pop up in the shitty Asgard play again. Good recurring bit.
- It’s been 15 years, and MCU still cannot deliver a compelling or even halfway pleasant visual experience.

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