21 Jump Street

21 Jump Street ★★★

"Dude, your references are out of control, everyone knows that."

21 Jump Street does three things which make it just as much fun the second time through as the first:

1. Well-crafted, self-aware bromance. This really could be two points, one for each hyphenated adjective. We get the classic high school character tension between the jock and the nerd but flipped on its head. I mean it's not Shakespeare but it's strong enough to work. This makes the characters relatable and the drama believable so when we get to silly self-aware stuff like Jonah Hill asking Channing Tatum out to prom it's not just a stupid one-liner. The two halves make a whole.

2. Endless metatheater and intertextuality. 21 Jump Street was a TV show in the 80's and the writers use this reboot to comment on the current state of Hollywood, most notably in Nick Offerman's hilarious prologue-type speech. But the movie doesn't stop there and pulls a Hot Fuzz on all the action movie stereotypes it can think of (the running joke about explosions is my favorite). And again, it builds these references on the solid framework of the characters' relationship and its awareness of its reliance on stereotypes so it's actually funny instead of being throwaway nonsense.

3. Channing Tatum is so gorgeous I will watch anything that he's in. Wait crap, this makes my praise for Side Effects less credible. Just kidding, number three is uh... something about the comedy? Er, the editing maybe? Whatever, this movie makes me chuckle.

Are you excited for the sequel? I'm excited for the sequel.

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