Alien Origin

Alien Origin

This was the most awful movie I've ever seen in my entire life.

It's not morally offensive or anything, it's just unbelievably vacuous. Nothing happens in the whole movie. If you think of a movie as a collection of scenes—some of which move the narrative or build character or establish themes or create tension—this movie has about 5 scenes in all of its 85 minutes. The rest is just filler. I don't mean filler in the sense that a dumb action movie pads out its thin story with lots of action, I mean it's filler in the sense that it tries to stretch its five scenes to fit the temporal quota of a feature film with a whole lot of nothing. It's just a compilation of shots of people running through forests and (very rarely) pretending to shoot at (off-screen) aliens.

The premise is that a crew is sent on a mission (to plant cameras in a forest; only God knows why they need military personnel), and along the way they stumble across researchers who've discovered alien life on earth. The awful thing is, right there I've actually spoiled most of the movie. They find the aliens, shoot at them for 20 minutes, and eventually die.

And not only is it a movie without a plot, it's an alien invasion movie without aliens. The movie is shot in found footage style and the camera is always shaking too much or cutting away too quickly for you to ever actually see anything—and not in a way that builds tension. You literally can't see anything.

But there's another complication: the movie claims to be found footage, but at least half of the shots would have been either impossible (shot from a person who doesn't have a camera) or illogical (shot at something no one would be looking at). It's not even a found footage film.

The movie pulls the cliché of having someone tell the camera person to "turn it off" and I had a really hard time not obeying.

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