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This review may contain spoilers.

I’m definitely “in” for the “most ambitious crossover event in history,” holy-shit-there-are-so-many-superheroes-on-screen-right-now element of the film that Marvel has been building up to for a decade now, and in a certain sense that’s all the film really needs. It’s a cinematic event even beyond the first two Avengers movies not just because there are simply more of them now than there ever have been, but also because so much has happened and so much of it was leading directly to this.

That said, even though for me it doesn’t really need to be more than it is, it would be nice if it were. There’s almost nothing here beyond the exposed machinery of the infinity gauntlet plotting and the desperate propulsion of the good guys vs bad guys action. There are character moments, but nothing like actual development. The idea that this universe will continue with or without the heroes in it is a vaguely interesting one—there will never be a “happily ever after” in the MCU because there will always be more stories to tell, and more stories necessitate more conflict, so in order to leave the franchise you have to disappear or die—but even this idea is more a consequence of actors’ contracts than any thematic material in the movie itself.

I dunno. It’s a fascinating piece of cinematic history, and I’m glad it had the guts to actually kill everyone and deliver on the consequences it set out, but at this point it feels like I’ll always prefer the smaller installments done well to any degree of success in these cluttered crossover pieces.

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