Brick Mansions

Long story short, there's not nearly enough awesome parkour to justify its existence. The movie opens with a great free running getaway which is as fun as it is silly, with David Belle seeming to go out of his way to pull off sweet stunts (e.g. avoiding ladders to run up walls). I said it in the theater and I was right: the movie wasn't going to get any better than that. And it didn't. It got worse.

Brick Mansions isn't a total failure, the problem is just that when the characters open their mouths only stupidity comes out, and when they keep their mouths shut the action sequences are hit or miss. RZA says at least three things which are not real words ("survelliance" is the only one I can remember since I couldn't take notes in the theater). A lot of the action is just generic car chases.

The movie does have its perks. Paul Walker looks sexy driving a car for whatever reason and David Belle often does not wear his shirt. The gun fights appeared to occasionally use practical effects rather than fake digital bullshit. And the movie clocks in at a solid 90 minutes, which might sound like damning with faint praise but at least it realizes that it's a pulp action movie and shouldn't be two and a half hours long.

Honestly if you want to go see this then do it, just don't expect anything too memorable. It's not good, but it probably could have been worse. Probably.

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