Broken Flowers ★★★★

Slow-burn character drama-slash-travelogue from Jim Jarmusch featuring Bill Murray, and if that doesn't make you want to go out and watch it there's no secret waiting at the end of the journey that will change your mind. It's basically a series of vignettes bookended by Murray's interaction with Jeffrey Wright doing the best work I've ever seen from him.

For me, the story is about a man who searches through his past for a quilting point in his past that will make his present more recognizable to him. But I've read several other reviews which give different interpretations of the story (about a man who visits a series of his old flames), and I think the real strength of the writing is that it's almost entirely up to interpretation. That might leave things a bit too open-ended for some audiences, but I enjoyed reading my own life into the narrative. And is that not what a great story is? Something different people can all find a way to relate to?

Also, as per usual for Jarmusch, there's some great composition and framing as well as a couple excellent tracking shots.

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