Inside Man

Inside Man ★★★★

"Protect and serve my ass!"

"For them it's a tactical situation. Us being here means there's a mental aspect to it they just don't get." For the cops it's just another robbery, but the introduction of the two detectives not only introduces a psychological dimension to the crime in progress, it also encourages us (the audience) to read the mental aspect of the movie itself, which is, as a precise, formal exercise, "tactical," but here, it invites us to consider the cognitive, the psychic.

Why would the thieves, who have shown themselves to be such thorough planners, target this specific bank branch? Why would the chairman of the board of directors and founder of the bank go so far out of his way to protect money that's insured? Because there is always a greater systemic evil lurking behind what seem to be smaller contingent evils. Because "we gotta keep the real criminals off the streets, your honor," and sometimes the "real" criminals aren't who we think they are.

But the deeper we dig, the less the law wants to know. "Bury it."

2006 | Spike Lee | TMACC

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