Juno ★★

Romantic comedies are like ice cream. Some people will eat it any time, anywhere, any flavor, any brand, and some people will only eat it when they have an opportunity to enjoy the good stuff. I only eat ice cream when I know it's going to be high quality because it's such an indulgent experience.

When Juno came out it was like a whole new flavor of ice cream a lot of people had never tasted before. Combine its indie sensibilities and straightforward structure with a little of that Ellen Page magic and you've got a flavor that appeals to a wide audience. But cynical old codger that I am, to me ice cream is still just ice cream whether it's chocolate chip or pistachio, and while Juno might tickle some new taste buds it's still just ice cream and there's higher quality stuff to be had. It may be a new flavor, but it's still the same old brand and I can taste the tired formula.

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