Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark

The Asylum || 2014 || Published

Decided to finally try one of The Asylum's "original" (non-copycat) features, and while it was perhaps the best of their films in terms of its overall craftsmanship (the CGI was acceptable in places, the acting was only occasionally cringeworthy, the plot sort of had a natural progression to it), it lacked the interesting relationship to science fiction that their mockbusters have.

Instead of (perhaps accidentally) participating in the rich genre traditions to which it owes its existence, the best Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark has to offer is the joke of its premise. This is a movie about being a movie so ridiculous and unapologetic that there are (computer generated) fight scenes between a mega shark (a megalodon) and a mecha shark (basically a submarine). The movie's central point of enjoyment is that it exists, and there's something admirable in its vain narcissism.

Two points of praise. (1) The comedy actually works occasionally, and there were a few moments where I found myself laughing with the movie rather than at it. (2) The movie wears its cinematic influences on its sleeve, and ends on a one minute twenty second rotating tracking shot that Bad Boys-era Michael Bay would have admired.

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