Mortal Engines

"You're an idiot"

This is a great lesson in telling instead of showing. The entire dumb movie is actors telling each other who their characters are but never once actually inhabiting those characters. The image of the woman with the scarf over her face is iconic not because it's a typical teenage fantasy (although it is also that), it's iconic because the mystery leaves the possibility for her to have some semblance of an identity before that possibility is ripped away by the awful script

To be clear, it's not, like, offensively bad, there's just nothing good for me about it (aside from one or two CGI shots, and I have video games for that). It's one of those movies where it's impossible to imagine being on set and thinking, "Yes! This is working!" (more like constant reassurances of "Don't worry, it'll make sense once we add the special effects")

I haven't read the books (although somehow after this shit-show Alice decided she might try them), but this does strike me as something with obvious cinematic potential (the giant, moving cities), but where the actual story works better on the page. Or maybe the book is this bad too

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