Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive ★★★★★

Rewatched this with my (future?) YouTube partner (we haven't made anything yet, obviously; it's slow getting started, but we're learning & working on it); he hadn't seen it in almost a decade, and yes, he did spend the entire—and I mean entire—two and a half hours researching Naomi Watts's career, and yes, it did offend me a little bit, because I love this movie too much and I was hoping to, you know, actually watch it with one of my best friends, but we're partnering up to do a YouTube project together not because this guy loves watching movies and then writing about them.

No, that's me, that's what I do, that's how I win; what he does is fall into deep internet holes, doing things like, for example, researching Naomi Watts's entire career for two and a half hours straight (did you know that her trajectory through the film industry almost exactly mirrors the career of Betty, Diane's unconscious dream projection in Mulholland Drive?), or spending months teaching himself to code so that he could become employable in the way he wanted, or, more relevant to the current task at hand, watching every YouTube video available about the culture and marketing of YouTube videos on 2x playback until he can't talk about anything at all without referencing some principle of thumbnail design or title construction.

So yes, I do hate him for not giving me 110% of his attention for almost 16% of his waking hours on that given day (assuming he got 8 hours of sleep, which, I happen to know, he did not), but I also love him because he's exactly the type of obsessive perfectionist I need, someone who can't produce his own content because he allows the perfect to be the enemy of the good, but someone who can learn everything there is to know about the production of someone else's content in the pursuit of that perfection, and someone who needs an anxious slacker like me, who has the nervous energy to constantly give the 20% effort that it takes to get something 80% done but who's too lazy to give the 80% effort that it takes to finish the final 20% of the project.

We're perfect for each other. Here's to our bright and hopeful future of being big dumb YouTube idiots together.

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