The Damned Don't Cry ★★★★

"He's promised me the world, Marty, and I've got to have it!"

More on the ethics of employment: a woman abandons her place as a housewife in the suburbs and becomes involved in organized crime; we all have to work to get by, but the easiest ways are the dirtiest—it's an indictment of capitalism, to be sure, but as long as we're stuck with this broken economic system, what (the movie asks) do we do? do we play the game ruthlessly because that's the way it works best, or do we handicap ourselves with our conscience?

This is probably obvious, but I think people at the time were probably (meant to be) horrified by Ethel and her relentless determination, but these days she comes off as a badass who's more a victim of the times than of her own (lack of) morality

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