The Dead Don't Die ★★★

The Earth is dying and we’re all zombies too distracted by consumer culture to do anything about it. I mean, Jim’s not wrong, but his answer in the Tom Waits character of leaving society and living in the woods is a pretty dubious ethical position. The movie ranges from a genuinely terrifying presentation of ecological catastrophe to a tiresome grandpa yelling at his kids to get off their phones. Jarmusch uses tone brilliantly as usual to make just the absolute chillest movie ever, and this mood works surprisingly well in the zom-com subgenre (I can’t get enough of the quiet, flat punchlines), I just wish he didn’t ruin this delicate pacing and otherwise effective messaging with his holier-than-thou bullshit

Also, I have no idea what Tilda Swinton’s character is doing in this movie, but she’s a fucking treasure

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