The Pervert's Guide to Ideology

"We should aim at the higher goal—the gold in the middle of an object—precisely in order to be able to enjoy the surface."

It is not even ironic, then, that this is exactly the way in which I enjoy both Žižek's critical film theory and my own practice of watching movies: I tell myself I am aiming for the higher goal of personal truth or whatever simply in order to enjoy the surface (spaceships, pretty colors, etc.). I watch the movie in order to obtain some element of enlightenment, but what I really want is to see my favorite philosopher dressed up like a nun from The Sound of Music. Climb every mountain indeed, Mr. Žižek.

Somewhat more seriously:

"Now what remains of the radical left waits for a magical event when the true revolutionary agent will finally awaken, while the depressing lesson of the last decades is that capitalism has been the true revolutionizing force, even as it serves only itself. How come it is easier for us to imagine the end of all life on earth, an asteroid hitting the planet, than a modest change in our economic order?"

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