Casino Royale

Casino Royale ★★★★½

Firing on all cylinders,Campbell’s slick direction,superb&satisfying brutal action sequences,David Arnold’s high octane score with plenty of amazing motifs,Chris Cornell’s You know my name being absolutely fire and one the franchise best theme song,splendid cast with a all timer tragic romance between bond and vesper that humanizes a deadly killer laying his vulnerability bare,amazingly well paced character growth&smart writing makes this the best Bond film ever❤️🔥Craig may be a bit stiff in some scenes in his introduction film but it work quite well for this journey of a rookie killer spy,plus he’s witty back and forth with Green are simply so full of chemistry which makes the playful subversion of the stereotypical dynamic of Bond’s gender power play still so refreshing many years on.A story worth investing and is engaging to watch from start to finish beyond the the typical tropes and trappings of the genre,simply put i thinly the screenplay and pacing is flawless.The cold open is just astonishingly well edited and filmed,incredibly effective and encapsulates the cold efficiency of the characters at that stage so well.It’s also insane how they basically front loaded the two best chase scenes of the franchise in the first act,the Madagascar parkour scene is the prime example of how to use action to tell its story where we see how much of a blunt and unstoppable reckless force Bond is.While the airport chase reminds me of raiders of the lost ark so much.I love the espionage aspect of the film along with the card game and how that the suspense of the scene builds as you understand the stakes and tension.Not sure what else I could add to this but to say that even tho Craig isn’t my fav Bond(Brosnan is)his debut film as Bond is almost too good to a point of putting a damper on whatever that follows,it also left many potential for a followup sequel that I kinda wish they never picked up as I think this film would’ve work just as brilliant as a original standalone film leaving the rest of the films to just do it’s own thing with Bond as well.

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