In the Mood for Love

In the Mood for Love ★★★★★

A second rewatch,this is a film all about the devil in the details,the same shot having a very different meaning,the emphasis on time and the underlying criticism of the Confucius culture,a lot of it can be easily missed especially in the construction of some scenes where it literally jumps to the middle of it without much context,it used editing and framing very specifically to play with the role playing scenario the characters are performing,some of it I didn’t even fully comprehend the first time around.They tried to separate the make pretend from the reality by getting into the heads of their cheating spouse but as it went on the emotions become too real.My fav piece of filmmaking is when Su got the phone call to visit Chow,as the camera cut to her rushing to the hotel,the cuts are jumbled and quick interspersed with her leaving,when it cuts to Chow waiting for her you hear a knocking sound but was only followed by her leaving after the writing session.The way the editing compresses time and played with the chronology of events are monumental,what it didn’t show sometimes are even more important than what it did.Which is why I am glad the deleted scenes weren’t in as it revealed too much ruining the mystique of it all.The filling in details of what transpired in the hotel directly changed the context of those scene,especially with the added blurred sex scene and conversations.The Singapore events didn’t felt needed as well where it interrupted the flow of the drama.The seventies and secret reunion scenes feels excessive and gratuitous,almost like they belong onto another film,them meeting again and again kills the mystery and ambiguity even though I quite like the idea of time moving on.Still a masterpiece upon rewatch.

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