Nobody ★★★½

Easily the best action film starring Connie Nielsen in the past six months,Bob Odenkirk kicks serious ass with some authentic vulnerability and surprise amount of dedication to mundane life,the first half of building up his mid-life crisis was done with surprise amount of visual flair and kinetic editing,it impressed me really well right out the door.The setting up for the story was quite engaging and enjoyable as you get a feel for Odenkirk’s ordinaric unremarkable life and his struggle for his masculinity.Like the first John Wick film it spend sometime to make you feel empathetic towards the protagonist through just soaking in the mood and atmosphere of his routine life.And I really appreciate the care and effort from the filmmaker to build up the tension and momentum and to not go in gun blazing the first sight of action. It does eventually takes the action to a absurd level of entertainment,but it started with a really grounded and brutal brawl that sets off the inner violent impulses within Odenkirk.The first fight with Odenkirk taking every punch and you feel every impact he returns them with is easily the best fight in the film.Even though the villain is quite one note,the escalation he brought was quite enjoyable.What I liked the most is despite the film bathe in violence and mayhem it never lost sight of the humanity and the character’s motivations.You want the characters stuck in the cycle of ordinary life to go balls to the walls to break out from the shackles of mundanity but without the set ups and character holding back the payoff just wouldn’t been that cathartic. The use of montages and the stylish visuals are appropriately used and never too self-indulgent. It understood show not tell storytelling very effectively and even manage to create some fun hilarity with some gags.The latter half feels like Home Alone meets cartoonish superhero action violence,it’s very self aware of its over the topness and to put it simply the extravaganza of bloodshed is just so much fun.In addition I love how goons taken out by Odenkirk doesn’t always die immediately but is always left with a last breathe as he chats with them about his conundrum kinda like Joaquin Phoenix did in You were never really there albeit a lot more light heartedly.In summary it feels really good to finally enjoy a commercial crowd pleaser that doesn’t talk down to it’s audience with boring excessive expositions like so many modern blockbusters such as Godzilla V Kong does.I seriously loved watching it with all my mates and having a good times in theaters,props to Ilya Naishuller and Pawel Pogorzelski for the fun visuals and black humor,Bob Odenkirk,RZA and even damn Doc Brown himself Christopher Lloyd for kicking so much asses‬,a lot of those fun moments would be better if experience it in person in a cinema as it lined up plenty of surprises worth going to see it,highly recommend it,it’s not as slick as the OG John Wick but it’s extra effort in character build ups and visceral action and humor is just so much more exciting than the John Wick sequels that focuses too much on world building ever was.Ilya Naishuller’s first person action Hardcore Henry didn’t impressed me but he’s second feature definitely shows immense talent for action and storytelling.Loved it.

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