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  • Just Another Christmas

    Just Another Christmas


    Just Another Christmas bears some surface similarities to Groundhog Day. Both involve a man who wakes up every day reliving the holiday he hates until he learns to become a better person, but the hero in Just Another Christmas is in a "time jump" rather than a time loop. Each new day is the following Christmas, not the same one repeated. Everyone else has had a year's worth of living in between Christmases, including the protagonist, only he has no…

  • Alice



    "I don't feel any different."

    This is the reason I keep taking chances on movies I know nothing about that sound like they might be interesting. Usually it backfires and I can tell in ten minutes the movie's going nowhere, but once in a while I land on a gem like this one. Even the mundane banter in the opening scene designed just to show us what a happy family this is before the rug is pulled out from under…