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  • Inception



    I've seen this movie at least three or more times.
    I love it and am fascinated by it.

    ...and I still have NO IDEA what the fuck is going on.

    Film #83 in Podcasting’s Brock's 100 WB Movie Challenge
    * Podcasting’s Brock’s Original List
    * My Master List of WB Reviews

  • Mile 22

    Mile 22


    * "Ego is not your amigo."

    * "Say hello to your mother for me."


    This will be the LAST movie that I see with my MoviePass as I canceled it this week. After 3 weeks of trying to see a movie with it, this was the first movie it allowed me to finally see. Ah wells... the noble experiment is now over for me. I will be moving on. HOWEVER... it seems very fitting that the movie I end…

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  • In a Valley of Violence

    In a Valley of Violence


    Ti West does Western.
    ...had to be said...

    Pretty great genre piece.
    Sure seemed like a Clint Eastwood type of story.
    And Ethan Hawke stands in admirably in the Clint role.

    It's a standard western revenge/justice tale with no major surprises, but a lot of shoot-em-up action, trail dust and old west fun.

    Another awesome thing is John Travolta as the town marshal. He's actually very good. He's had a rough go of it lately, but this role is really good for him and he tackles it quite well. Really good to see him back in form here.

    Solid western.
    Well worth the time.

  • The Third Man

    The Third Man


    Film #03 of my 2019 - Mubi Viewings


    I remember really loving this when I originally saw it back in film school.
    And I still loved watching it this time around.
    Just not as much.

    I think the Zither music was a bit too annoying to me this time out. Really didn't enjoy that music or its use in this film.

    However, the movie is still STUFFED WITH STYLE and great ambiance. It's a great example of stylistic Noir

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  • Peeping Tom

    Peeping Tom


    FILM #13 of 35 in CINEMONSTER's Hoop-tober 4.0
    My Creepy Master List and Review Links can be found here:
    Slappy McGee's Hoop-tober 4.0 List


    Oddly, this is my first Michael Powell film. Gotta watch more by this guy. This movie was EXTREMELY well done.

    What makes it so great is the empathy that Powell creates with the killer. Mark (the killer) is just plain nuts. But he's struggling with it. The dude KNOWS he's sick and that there is…

  • Live and Let Die

    Live and Let Die


    Case File #08 of CJ Probst's Bond-A-Thon
    My full Case File of Bond Reviews


    "I'm sure we'll be able to lick you into shape."

    We get some damn ROGER MOORE up in here!!!
    Such a welcome relief.

    To me... Roger Moore IS James Bond.

    And what a way to start!!!
    One of my most favorite Bond Films!!!

    Let me count the ways:
    (Some slight spoilers... Rough Waters Ahead, Be Advised)

    * Three cool deaths and we are INTO…