Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer ★★★★

Film #08 in MY YEAR OF MUBI

"Where you going?"
"Nowhere. Wanna come?"

Still utterly chilling.

Led by a great controlled performance by Michael Rooker, this movie will creep into you psyche and hide there in a dark corner. It's scary to think that monsters like these are lurking out there behind any crooked corner. Yikes.

Extremely low production value (on an obviously limited budge) adds to the grittiness of this film. It also works to increase the soullessness of the (anti-)protagonist. Rooker has gone on to make a career of playing these heartless types of characters, but here we really see the natural (almost effortless) portrayal in its most raw form. It's quite a haunting performance. (I'm not sure I've ever been able to separate Rooker that far from this character. Sorry, Michael).

The ending is also an example of very smart and minimalist filmmaking. It shows us great restraint by the director and perfectly wraps up the origin story of this character. It's as great a moment as it is truly disturbing.

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