Lamb ★★★★★

Film #46 of my 2018 MUBI Viewings


Genuinely beautiful.

Not only gorgeous cinematography, but a very loving look at the coming of age of a young Ethiopian boy who doesn't quite fit in with his world around him.

A unique version of this theme of holding on to one's childhood. For this kid, he literally holds on to it with a rope at times, as the lamb serves as a beautiful metaphor for his childhood innocence. The kindness with which this film addresses their relationship is truly heartwarming and gentle. Loved it so much.

The young boy is also such an honest actor that you are completely drawn into his performance as he shows us so much beneath his eyes. It's handled so well. And the director is patient and lets his camera linger at times which gives us so much of the soul of this young boy's performance onscreen.

The beauty of the country matched with the beauty of this story really gobsmacked me. I did not expect the heights of this film. Wow.

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