The Great Museum

The Great Museum ★★★½

Film #64 in MY YEAR OF MUBI

An absolutely STUNNINGLY beautifully filmed documentary. It shows us the true beauty and majesty of the Kunsthistorisches Museum. Some brilliantly framed shots that truly highlight the wonders of this glorious museum. Great photography.

There are also some wonderfully conceived tracking shots that take us on a journey through the halls of the museum and show us the expansiveness of this place. Kind of breathtaking.

The doc itself sort of frames itself as the old retiring (one guy quite literally) and the new being ushered in, but with a sense of reverence for the old. Kind of like a restoring of a piece of art - which they show several instances of throughout the film. It's a very good working metaphor that is highlighted constantly in the film.

It's kind of fascinating to see the inner workings of a public/state museum. From the budget meetings, to the bidding for new pieces, to the donors bringing work in, to the set up of new exhibits, down to in-depth discussions about the NEW FONT used for the title of the museum in all the publicity. Kind of a cool and unique look behind the curtain (or glass case, as it were).

I actually enjoyed watching this more than I do visiting most museums. Heh.