The Hunt

The Hunt ★★★★½

An extremely satirical and gory thriller with a no-holds-barred KICK-ASS performance from Betty Gilpin!

This movie opens both barrels on the hypocritical culture of the "woke" white elite and its insincerity while at the same time kicking dirt in the face of the extreme isolationist ideas of the "deplorable" right wingers. It's all pretty GRAND SATIRE and wonderfully executed.

I would guess that many will be triggered by this movie (pun INTENDED). But, whatever, it was deliciously evil fun all the way through.

It's kind of a modern, satirical adaptation of "The Most Dangerous Game". And it is CARRIED by the AMAZING performance by Betty Gilpin. Damn, she's good. Hope her star is seen on the rise. She deserves a TON of work. So good.

Yeah, it's gory (like, horror movie gross) and that just adds to the delightful dark fun. Darkly comic throughout, I had a raucous good time with this flick.

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