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  • Evil Bong

    Evil Bong


    No one knows how to cop-out quite like Charles Band. Of all the ways this shit could have gone down, the most forgettable, unimaginative path was chosen. I wanted this bong to sprout some limbs are start killing people. But NO, they sidestep reasonable expectations and take it to a place of dull fantasy. This still could have been good. Killing the victims in a cloudy daze leaves room for all kinds of scenarios. But what did they do? Take…

  • How High

    How High


    Scrambled Face already wrote a perfect review for 'How High' so I'm just going to leave a few notes.

    --This shit is literally about magical haunted weed. I knew they ended up at Harvard somehow but I had no idea it was because of mystical fantasy shit. I would have watched it SO much sooner in life.

    --I had to rewind the scene when Mike Epps first appears as a ghost and Method Man gets scared and jumps out of…

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  • Baby Driver

    Baby Driver

    I did one teeny tiny measly little wrap day in wardrobe for this movie, so I won't rate it. I did love it and I'm very proud. As a result of this I met Jon Hamm at my friend's birthday party which took place at a skating rink and our interaction was as follows...

    I went to the snack bar, Hamm rolls up. We had briefly met earlier.

    Jon:...... Did ya get a corndog?

    Me: Yeah...

    Jon: Niiiiiiice

    There may have been more but that's all I was able to process.

  • Death Spa

    Death Spa


    This is exactly what I needed. Sometimes I get really wrapped up with work and my movie watching suffers. I start to forget who I am and it becomes a this depressing spiral. 'Death Spa' reset my battery. It hits all of the sweet spots. Effervescent beams. Just just soak it up like a girl in a high wasted bikini absorbing UV rays from a hot pink tanning bed. This is as close to the sensation that 'Dr. Caligari' left me with as any movie ever has. This was a pretty fucking zen.