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  • The Neon Demon

    The Neon Demon


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    My thoughts are divided between avenues that converge somewhere in the real and the unreal, I'm not sure which is more powerful but since we're most tethered to the natural world, that's where I'll start.

    The concept of the fashion industry - or Hollywood in general, being cruel and unforgiving is nothing new, but it so quickly evolves into the next season, the next trend, the next pretty face, that the subject is something like eternal. All About Eve and…

  • Simply Irresistible

    Simply Irresistible


    I saw this with my Mom in the theater and recall her saying something like "It's a modern day 'Like Water For Chocolate' " - for the record it is NOT. There's a thing with food and her emotions that's vaguely similar, but there's a lot of terribleness to behold. It's a Rom-Com with no Com, and not a very convincing Rom either. The thing that's so startlingly off is this weird serious tone that the movie carries throughout. Not…

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  • Baby Driver

    Baby Driver

    I did one teeny tiny measly little wrap day in wardrobe for this movie, so I won't rate it. I did love it and I'm very proud. As a result of this I met Jon Hamm at my friend's birthday party which took place at a skating rink and our interaction was as follows...

    I went to the snack bar, Hamm rolls up. We had briefly met earlier.

    Jon:...... Did ya get a corndog?

    Me: Yeah...

    Jon: Niiiiiiice

    There may have been more but that's all I was able to process.

  • Death Spa

    Death Spa


    This is exactly what I needed. Sometimes I get really wrapped up with work and my movie watching suffers. I start to forget who I am and it becomes a this depressing spiral. 'Death Spa' reset my battery. It hits all of the sweet spots. Effervescent beams. Just just soak it up like a girl in a high wasted bikini absorbing UV rays from a hot pink tanning bed. This is as close to the sensation that 'Dr. Caligari' left me with as any movie ever has. This was a pretty fucking zen.