Edge of the Axe ★★★★

BLOODY MURDER AXE-IDENTS!!! I didn't mean to go on a slasher bender but sometimes that's just how the pendulum swings. Way behind schedule with Larraz. Black Candles was filled with Satanic Gothic Riches, Rest in Pieces is a distant dreamy memory, Edge of the Axe is an iconic confection toward the end of his career. The axe slayings seemed more visceral than I'm used to. Story has a soapy V.C. Andrews quality that I feel at home in. Doomed teen romances in California Mountain towns. Jose Ramon Larraz has arrived to the slasher genre and his vision of it is going to leave a lasting impression. The blankness of the killer's mask and the ferocity of the slayings took me there, goodnighti'mscaredbye.