Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

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This review may contain spoilers.

I've been a Tarantino denier most of my adult life. There's an alternating amount of things I enjoy (reluctantly) or completely hate about his films. Mostly boiling down to, How much do I like the reference material and has he struck a good balance with it?

Hollywood is the right place for self-indulgence and it's the right subject too. All of his usual fanboy nerding looks natural inside of it's own pop culture TV set. I like this era, I like these shows, I knew a lot of the songs, it hit all the right notes. And while all of that is great, it went a step further and pulled out one of my favorite of Tarantino's latter day trends. The revisionist massacre.

Inglorious Basterds was the last Tarantino film I cared about, much credit to Christoph Waltz but also that feel-good ending just does it for me.

I've always hated Manson fan culture. I know most people hate Charles Manson and maybe just find the whole thing to be some kind of fascinating phenomenon but there's still an amount of awe surrounding Charles Manson that makes me want to puke. The end of Once Upon a Time pretty well sums up how I feel about the whole thing. Smash it's face, set it on fire, etc. Who gives a shit about Charles Dumbfuck Manson and his harem of racist junkies. I appreciate the attention focused on Sharon Tate. Though I would like to see a Tarantino film without the mental image of him jerking off to the female cast's feet.

The ending it's bittersweet because we know the story. But isn't it nice to visit this alternate timeline? for but a moment...

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